2 Things to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon

Chances are if you’re Facebook status currently reads “Engaged” you’ve likely spent so much time bogged down by invitation lists, seating charts, and floral choices that you’ve forgotten there’s even such a thing as a honeymoon. I’m here to remind you that after all of the celebration with friends and family you can make the decision to celebrate just you and your forever! Here are two simple things to think about that will hopefully make planning your honeymoon a whole lot less stressful.


When do you want to leave?

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this question. Some couples love the idea of jetting off on their honeymoon adventure a few hours after they tie the knot. It’s the start of an incredible adventure and marking it with an immediate literal adventure seems fitting.

My husband Andrew and I on the other hand were in the “wait-a-week-after-the-wedding-to-leave-on-our-honeymoon” club. And we loved everything about that decision. It worked for us. It gave us a chance to settle in a little to newlywed life, catch up on a bit of sleep (we had an entire house full of our dearest friends for the week leading up to our wedding, it was basically one big wedding slumber party). Truthfully, because we waited to leave, it felt like we had a two week honeymoon, when really it was only an official week.

Some people even wait months to take their official honeymoon, and to each their own! Often times schedules won’t allow to celebrate immediately, I get it. But if you decide to wait to take your honeymoon I would definitely encourage you to take a mini honeymoon with a weekend trip. A little getaway to celebrate. Getting married is a big deal. Make sure you do something.

And how much planning do you really want to do?

While we were dating we traveled. A lot.

I love everything about traveling. We love eating all the food. Walking the streets of new places and getting out of our comfort zones. Trekking around Europe we pretty much didn’t plan even a day in advance. While that type of adventure has its time place, I would suggest that you’re honeymoon may not be that time and place.

I’ll be the first to tell you, cruising is not my first choice for a vacation. I often feel like you don’t really get to see a place when you cruise because your stops are so short and it feels like you really only see “Port Life” and not the genuine culture. Regardless. We chose a cruise for our honeymoon! And you know why? Because we’d done the trekking-without-a-plan-relationship-building (and let’s be real, testing) type of trip and we just didn’t want anything to do with having to make ONE more decision after the months of wedding preparations and planning and constant decision making.

SO. Consider things like cruises, all inclusive resorts, you get the picture. Just consider after all the decisions you may not want to make a single decision more. The last thing you want is for your honeymoon to feel like another scheduled event. Relax, have fun….. and absolutely consider splurging for the drink package!