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Couple’s Session | Downtown Mystic, Connecticut

This session was the foggiest I think I have ever seen it in Mystic. And I’m completely obsessed with the magical quality that fog gives couple’s photos, particularly when they are by the water.

These two are so full of love and laughter it just makes my heart burst. There is nothing I love more than standing back and getting a little window into the giggles and romance in everyday fun shared by two people committed to each other forever. Don’t you just love love?

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2 Things to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon

Chances are if you’re Facebook status currently reads “Engaged” you’ve likely spent so much time bogged down by invitation lists, seating charts, and floral choices that you’ve forgotten there’s even such a thing as a honeymoon. I’m here to remind you that after all of the celebration with friends and family you can make the decision to celebrate just you and your forever! Here are two simple things to think about that will hopefully make planning your honeymoon a whole lot less stressful.

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