It's a BABY!

For several weeks before we found out the gender of our precious little one, scheduled to join us sometime in early June, anytime someone would ask me if I had any inclination of what “it” was I would make the *super lame* joke, “Definitely a human?”

I feel like most people talk about dad jokes… I’m totally going to make mom jokes a thing.

Truth be told, there were moments I wasn’t (and still am not) sure she’s fully human. Our little girl sure is a kicker - although, my wonderful husband reminds me it’s possible she could actually be punching me as well. So there’s that. Whether she’s kicking or punching, if I’m honest the constant movement makes me torn between thinking there’s an alien in there or a professional wrestler. As a first time mom, having never experienced these sensations before, I’m always profoundly comforted when we go to the Dr.’s and they attempt to check on her and exclaim “She’s a mover!”

There are so many unexpected and beautiful things about pregnancy that nothing in life can prepare you for. Similar to how I’m sure I’ll feel about parenthood.

Andrew and I held onto the information of our little girl, sharing only with close family and friends, until I was a about 20 weeks. But I’ve attached the image we used to tell the world. I’ll be writing a more in-depth recollection of how I told him and then how we shared the news with our families. And also why we made the decision to wait as long as we did to share the good news to the social media world.

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