Family Session | Stonington Borough, Connecticut

Though my calendar is often filled working with couples documenting love stories and wedding ceremonies, I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with couples in a different - yet equally beautiful season of life - raising little ones whose smiles and laughs melt hearts! Seriously, as soon as you see these cuties you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. From the moment they arrived and started unpacking the kiddos from their *awesome* mini van they were generous with their giggles. Each family member was dressed adorably and full of style: the perfect amount of coordination while not being overly match-y (think khaki pants and white shirts). Because let’s face it. Choosing outfits for everyday wear is hard enough, let alone trying to choose outfits for the entire family that you’ll be pleased to look at in framed photos for years to come. It’s certainly not an easy task. Shoutout to these parents who managed to not only corral their 3 sweet kids while keeping them happy and relaxed for the session, but also managed to make them look as though they had stepped out of the cutest clothing catalog I’ve ever seen.

My time spent with this family was especially meaningful and well-timed because it was also the weekend I realized we were expecting a little one of our own! There is seriously nothing I love more than absorbing and observing families that ooze love and have a dynamic causing anyone to pause and admire something that seems to function like a well-oiled machine. How do they do it? I’m sure any parent would attest to the difficulties of scheduling nap times and enforcing bed times, being the constant mediator/dictionary/real life version of Siri, but somehow they make it look easy and seamless. The one thing very clear by the end of this session is this household is filled with a whole lot of love and they sure are lucky to have each other.

Be sure to scroll through the photos if you want to be infected with these contagious smiles!