6 Tips for Wedding-Day Hair

For all the brides out there reading this, I'm excited to be able to share a guest blog post with you! Lauren, owner of The Traveling Comb, is all about all things hair (not going to lie, if hiring her to do my hair every morning was an option I wouldn't have to think twice about it). She knows all the right questions to ask, so many of which you may not think to consider yourself. She's one of those people that once you meet you'll know you just have to have her on your team for your wedding day preparations. If you haven't booked your hairstylist for your wedding make sure to read these tips and see how you can connect with her at the end of this post!

So Many Hair Styles, What to do?

Gone are the days of walking into a salon, picking a style out of a book, and leaving with a perfectly-cemented-extra-hold-aqua net-coif. Phew! Though I love a traditional formal hair style as much as the next, I am grateful for the likes of YouTube and Pinterest for providing so many ideas for the bride-to-be and for providing the ability to both be creative and challenged in my work. However, social media has also proved to be a challenge for stylists when it comes to explaining expectation versus reality to clients. 

I am sure you have beautiful hair, and trust me, the right stylist can absolutely find you a style that compliments that! However, in the days of social media, expectation versus realization tends to get fuzzy. I have found many brides arrive at their trial with an idealistic expectation of how they want their hair. Brides with thin, shoulder-length brown hair often bring me pictures of long blondes with full braids (thanks Elsa!) and half-up waterfall styles to their mid-backs. With three to four visits to the salon to lighten your locks, and about 4-6 bags of extensions, we can absolutely do that for you. Though it’s not impossible to provide this look, it is impractical. You should be the best version of you on one of the most important (and most photographed!!) days of your life. 

Tip #1 – Break out your throw-back Thursday pictures!

It’s time to grab the photo album! How did you wear your hair for Prom? Your friend’s wedding? Graduation? Show your stylist these pictures, explain why you loved or hated them. For example, “I loved wearing my hair down for graduation, however, once the heat set in I was too hot.” Or, “I loved the back of my hair for my friend’s wedding, but I felt the front was boring.” It’s great to see styles on you, instead of trying to imagine something. 

Tip #2 - Use Pinterest not just for styles you love, but also for styles you 100% do not love!

Yes, pin a handful of things you know you definitely are not interested in. I have found telling me what you will not stand for gives me boundaries and a sense of who you are. Also, having a board of styles you adore helps me discover your individual style and what you’re imagining for your big day. But don’t go crazy, just pick a few. I’ve found that brides with 20 pins, tend to start pinning every style they don’t hate, instead of the few styles they are truly passionate about. 

Tip #3 – Think about how you normally wear your hair. 

Scroll through your Instagram or Facebook pictures, how is your hair styled in most of them? I’m not saying don’t do anything special. What I am saying is, if you are the type of person who a) doesn’t ever wear their hair down or b) blow dries and styles their hair… then puts it into a ponytail an hour into your date night, I would very likely recommend you do not wear your hair down on your wedding day, or at least have a plan to have it styled into an up-do after your ceremony and pictures (I was the anomaly, wore my hair in an up-do… mid-reception took it down and put it in a ponytail! LOL). Also, if you always blow dry and straighten/curl your hair, do not like it pulled away from your face or like your ears to show, I would not recommend a high formal up-do. You will be self-conscious and I am sure will rip your hair down two drinks into the reception. 

Tip #4 – If you aren’t comfortable with your stylist… try another one! It’s Ok! (Really!!)

Of course I want your business, and of course I want you to tell all of your friends about me and the amazing service I’ve provided you, but I also want to be sure I am the right person to provide you the best most relaxing service I can on your big day. If I am not the right person for the job, that is ok, I will recommend stylists who may be, because I genuinely want you to be happy. 

I will also not be offended if you book a trial with three other stylists (no more than that, you will be overwhelmed). I know a bride who loved her colorist from one salon, cut from another stylist, and hired me to do her wedding styling… it is ok. It’s how she wanted her hair, and that is all that matters. 

Tip #5 – Do not let your friends and family vote on the matter.

It’s easy to post some pictures you like, or add your entire bridal party to your Pinterest hair/dress/makeup/accessories board so you have advice on what your loved ones think you should do. However, that does not mean they have the final say. Do not invite opinions to the conversation if you aren’t willing to say, “thank you, I value your opinion, but I’ve met with my stylist and I love what we’ve chosen.” The day of your wedding is not the time to let others decide. Welcome a close friend or family member to your trial, that’s when the ideas should be flying. 

Tip #6 – Do not DIY your hair the day of!

This is not the day to let Cousin Maggie copy a YouTube video she saw once, and wish for the best. Please, please, please, if you are going down this road, do a trial 3-4 months prior and give yourself time to schedule a stylist should you need one. I was once hired by a bridesmaid to do her hair for a wedding she was in. I was only supposed to do her hair, the remaining members of the bridal party including the bride were supposedly taken care of. However, I ended up “fixing” three other bridesmaids, and finally the bride’s hair when she didn’t end up with what she wanted either. I was happy to help, but it was an extremely sensitive situation. People’s feelings were hurt. I remained professional and did my best under the circumstances, but a simple trial for these ladies would have prevented an extremely awkward situation. 

In closing, your day is about you! Don’t let the overwhelming choices get the better of you. Work with your stylist and together you will find that perfect timeless style. Be confident and comfortable on your wedding day!



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