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New England to Nova Scotia | Unconventional Spring Break- Part 1

What do the words spring break mean to you? Perhaps warm weather, sandy beaches, palm trees, and drinks with colorful umbrellas? While those things sound perfectly nice, typical spring break destinations also include crowds and expensive prices. Our favorite adventures are to places while they're enjoying their "off" season - or as I like to call, their "local" season. We get to chat with more of the shopkeepers, there's far less traffic, and you can roam the streets of a town and really get a feel for the place as it is without too much tourist driven traffic. Andrew and I traveled with a couple of our friends to Nova Scotia last week. The trip was planned by myself and close friend, Katie, inspired by the local school schedule and a desire to travel internationally without needing to book flights. Verdict: with the right travel buddies, driving a little over 2k miles in 6 days is completely epic.

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