Healthy Skin Leads to Better Makeup

I'm beyond excited to be sharing another guest blog post, this time from a talented local makeup artist, Mercedes McCoy. She's graciously put together some helpful skincare information important for brides (and pretty much any woman with an important event approaching). I've had the pleasure of working alongside her and it's fun to see and hear her interact with brides. Let's just agree that having someone in your space and close to your face is naturally a little uncomfortable, but her personality instantly puts you at ease - she's amazing at what she does and always keeps her clients' best interests in mind. If you're in the midst of planning your wedding pretty please make sure to think about your skin early and look to the end of this post for how to reach out to Mercedes! *I promise your skin will thank you!*

A Guide to Preparing Your Skin for its Big Day

Your Face is My Canvas

As a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, skin health is a BIG deal to me. I want your skin to look flawless without a lot of foundation and concealer, would't you agree?? And the healthier it is, the better the makeup will look.

To be honest here, no matter how skilled the makeup artist is or how incredible the tools, when we are battling unhealthy skin there's only so much magic we can work - flaking, dehydrated, & rough complexions (typical skin conditions in the New England climate) are not ideal canvases to paint on.

I encourage brides and bridal party members (moms that includes you!) to work with an esthetician at least 6-12 months before the big day. A great facialist can get your skin in shape and ready for those close-up, high resolution photos!

So often it seems that many brides wait until it's too late to make a real difference in their skin. Allow some time for the process to take affect!

Planning can be Stressful

Maybe you have good skin already. And if that's the case, without much effort, you're lucky! Keep it that way by treating the only skin you'll ever have with love, especially in the year of your engagement. It's a choice you will not regret. The stress of planning your wedding can bring about acne and a tired complexion. Facials are pampering and relaxing in addition to the results you will see and feel.

What to Expect from your Treatment

So you've already scheduled and now you've arrived. Here's what happens next...

After gathering information about your skin and what your goals are, the esthetician will leave you to change into a cotton wrap and get under the covers of the facial table. The room is cozy and warm with relaxing music playing. 

Next they will cover your eyes with cotton and look closely at your skin through a magnifying lamp (loop) and tell you what they see, what is good and any aspects needing improvement. They will then recommend a customized facial treatment.

Just about every type of facial treatment out there includes these standard steps: 1. cleanse & analyze 2. exfoliate 3. steam 4. extraction of impurities 5. massage of the face, neck & décolleté 6. treatment mask 7. finish with serum & moisturizer. To get a routine going, be sure to schedule your next appointment before you leave. Continue your maintenance and consider that it’s a necessity, not a luxury!

Speaking of luxury, after more than 20 years working in beautiful spas that charge luxury rates for skincare services, I have taken away some favorite pampering techniques to share at an affordable price for my clients. Here are several additional services that are always standard at no extra charge with facials at my studio… steam towels with essential oils (aromatherapy), additional massaging of the shoulders, arms, hands, and feet as well as warm mitts and booties for the hands and feet, and milia removal as needed (hard tiny bumps). That is all included with my 75 minute facial! (see my website for a list of prices).

A regular facial will do a lot for you, but if you want more out of your time with us you can add to your treatment and this is known as “enhancements”. Here are the enhancements I currently offer: 1. peels- a variety of peels depending on the focus (pigmentation, aging, acne and so on). 2. micro-needling 3. lash and brow tinting 4. brow shaping using wax, tweezing and brow pencils 5. lip and eye masks 6. specialty sheet masks for all around anti-aging and/or hydration. I also have an Oxygenating facial that includes an enzyme exfoliant and O2 fizzy mask.

Support the Process at Home

Your esthetician will guide you (now that they know your skin) by prescribing an at-home regimen that fits your lifestyle, goals and budget. The right pro is not trying to sell you a bunch of unnecessary products but rather she wants to help you and extend the benefits of your facial treatments. Your face is our business card!

I would be happy to chat with you about your makeup and skincare options. Feel free to contact me and I hope that this has helped you!

Happy Planning



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Mercedes McCoy / Makeup Artistry & Aesthestics

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