Gourmet Galley Catering | Wedding Tasting - North Stonington, CT

Raise your hand if when you walk into a restaurant and see an open kitchen your immediate thought is something like.... "Feels like home. This is my kind of place"

To me, there's something beautifully upfront and honest about open kitchens. In the networking world there's a saying: "Before deciding to do business with an individual, generally three requirements must be met: You have to know them, like them, and trust them." In the restaurant/culinary industry I think the world should embrace this motto: You have to know them, like them, and they have to be willing to show you their kitchen.

Check, check, check. Gourmet Galley Catering meets these criteria and goes above and beyond to make their couples feel comfortable. It's as if every couple is adopted as a part of the Gourmet Galley family. I recently had the privilege of photographing a tasting at the home-base of GGC (similar to the Willy Wonka Factory, it's where the magic happens, and if you're a #GGcouple you automatically win the golden ticket). I guarantee the moment you walk through the doors the song from Beauty and the Beast will start playing in your head....

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test.

This specific tasting was for couples getting married at The Meadows. No detail had been forgotten, including carefully crafted place settings and beautiful florals created by Ladybug Designs atop gorgeous farm tables from Spin Enterprise. The event started with passed hors d'oeuvres, wine poured, salads delivered, and then the couples had the opportunity to see where the magic happens with a buffet line behind the scenes. That's right - they open the kitchen! Executive Chef Jeff Crawford and his team run the galley so seamlessly you're honestly not sure if you've walked into a kitchen or a symphony performance.

The experience concluded with a trio cake sample from Zest Fresh Pastry. You heard right, engaged gentleman, you get to taste all of the cake. Turns out they've actually cracked the code and you can have your wedding cake and eat it too. I'm telling you - magic.

Although I've talked about the magic of it all, truth is GGC has 20 years experience orchestrating the most perfect parties. It's not, in fact, magic that makes this team excellent at what they do, it's their evident care for people in their spaces celebrating in their most perfect way. At the tasting, Gourmet Galley provides their clients with a mini wedding day. To be honest, part of me wants to renew my vows just to be able to enjoy a tasting here; however, I won't have to because the team offered me a to-go box and I can tell you firsthand the food is incredible. Put it this way, it's like, grandma's most delicious, most well-loved, best-kept-secret recipe meets modern flare. And truly, could you ask for anything more perfect for your wedding day?