Enchanted Forest Wedding - Jesse & Kylee | Flagstaff, Arizona

Kylee and I first connected in a Facebook group and it only took one phone call for us to feel like we'd been friends forever. Shortly after that first call, it was decided I would travel from Connecticut to Arizona to capture their summer forest wedding.

As Andrew and I were driving to Flagstaff from Scottsdale the morning of the rehearsal, Kylee and I were texting back and forth as she was preparing the reception site and the guys were cleaning up the venue location in the woods. I met with Jesse to see the ceremony site and we waited for Kylee to arrive. After a brief introduction and a warm hug, she said to me, "OK, girl. Talk to me about what you're thinking. How does the light look?" Needless to say, she's incredible, we got along great, and it was an absolute joy working with them. Kylee is a photographer as well and all of the details were so perfectly thought out, but also I could tell in just a few minutes of meeting them that the most important part of their wedding day was their union. As long as they were married at the end of the day it would be everything they had dreamed of.

You guys. It was like a real-life fairytale in the woods. Aside from Kylee & Jesse being two of the sweetest, most genuine, graceful, encouraging, and generous people, the friends and family surrounding them were equally fun and compassionate. Often poets and authors are inspired by the woods and write of the forest having its own heartbeat. If you listen closely you can hear the hum of the life around you and the warm light streaming through the trees is enough to cause anyone to pause. Their wedding day was a beautiful reminder of this. They said "I do" and had their first kiss amidst the ponderosa pines and in this, they became a part of the forest's history.  They shared communion, exchanged rings and vows, and sealed their love - the kind that endures all things, just the way the forest stands majestic and strong regardless of the weather.

After we took a few portraits and family photos by the gorgeous ceremony site, friends and family helped to clean up and put everything back just the way they had found it. As I was walking away I turned around and paused to think about how a year from now, 10 years from now, people will walk this trail and maybe they'll feel a little extra magic without knowing the reason. They won't know the details of the wedding, or that this wedding even happened, but I think in declaring their love and commitment to each other their hearts have forever changed the heart of the forest. I like to think one day there will be a family, maybe even Kylee and Jesse's, walking through those pines, pausing surrounded by feet pattering, birds chirping, and laughter from loved ones and they'll stop to wonder about all the things the trees have seen. They'll be changed by the grace and love extended on Kylee and Jesse's wedding day.

The evening ended with emotional, tear-causing, heartfelt toasts dedicated to describing the couple and the wonderful people they were individually, but now even stronger joined. And to top it all off, they are fantastic dancers and watching them twirl around with their equally talented guests was such a blast. 

Kylee & Jesse, thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding day! It was such a privilege to witness the joining of such a beautiful couple. Blessings on your marriage and may each day together be sweeter and more full of laughter and love than the one before!



Florals // Poplar Grove Flowers

Caterer // Oregano's Pizza Bistro

Baker // Sugar Jitters

Rings // Shane Co.