Soon to be Senior | Stonington, CT

Well... Tonight's session was a dream. With perfect lighting and a beautiful soon to be senior with some seriously cute outfits we certainly had a fun couple of hours! Check out some of the dreamy photos we captured - there's nothing better than a beautiful young woman with a sense of adventure, a willingness to embrace the future, twirl around in a dress barefoot on the beach, and finish a photo session making silly faces. Here's to embracing change and enjoying the sweet moments in life! Savor the sunsets!

Sarah Schrempf-003
Sarah Schrempf-002
Sarah Schrempf-001
Sarah Schrempf-004
Sarah Schrempf-005
Sarah Schrempf-006
Sarah Schrempf-007
Sarah Schrempf-008
Sarah Schrempf-009
Sarah Schrempf-010
Sarah Schrempf-011
Sarah Schrempf-013
Sarah Schrempf-014
Sarah Schrempf-015
Sarah Schrempf-016
Sarah Schrempf-017
Sarah Schrempf-018
Sarah Schrempf-019
Sarah Schrempf-020
Sarah Schrempf-021
Sarah Schrempf-022
Sarah Schrempf-023
Sarah Schrempf-024
Sarah Schrempf-025
Sarah Schrempf-026
Sarah Schrempf-027
Sarah Schrempf-028
Sarah Schrempf-029
Sarah Schrempf-030
Sarah Schrempf-031
Sarah Schrempf-032
Sarah Schrempf-033
Sarah Schrempf-034
Sarah Schrempf-035
Sarah Schrempf-036
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Sarah Schrempf-039
Sarah Schrempf-040
Sarah Schrempf-041